Our company


We are a dynamic company, founded in the year 2002 in Fanzara (Castellón) by personnel from the merchandise transport sector, with years of experience and personal ambitions.


We count with a prepared and very experienced human team, which means that we comply with the objectives and provide the highest possible quality to their services, mainly in terms of delivery dates and the merchandise status .

These characteristics have made us consolidated in the world of national and international merchandise transport by road in a few years, specializing in the transport of perishable merchandises and fruit and vegetables merchandise. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients the maximum confidence and professionalism in the development of their work.

Our scope of action is European, being specialized in the Swiss market, so we can say that our company is specialized in this market, having as clients the country’s firms such as COOP BESCHAFFUNGSLOGISTIK and the Spanish exporter ALIFRESCA SPAIN, S.L.


  • Optimal transport
  • Eficient and safe driving
  • Punctuality on the deliver
  • National and international coverage
  • Renewed fleet