Quality policy

The policy of Laytortrans, s.l., a specialist company in the nacional and international transport and distribution by highway, of every types of products, including food and medicines that require controlled temperature, it aims, only and exclusively, guarantee the security and harmlessness of these and that reach their destination in optimal hygienic conditions. And so, achieve full satisfaction of our clients to see their expectations done service after service.

This is what we achieve applying our philosophy, based on the following principles:

  • Harmlessness and security of the transported product.
  • The objectives of our clients are our objectives.
  • Grow and progress, as a sustainable company, making responsible of our social and environmental impact in our environment.
  • Conscious staff of the importance of their participation in the security system and food safety.


This business strategy will allow us to increase day by day our position in the market and distinguish for the rest of competitors.

The Laytortrans’, s.l. management are convince that all of these can only be achieve through:

  • The attention to each customer’s specific needs, providing the suitable temperature and harmlessness conditions in the transportation and sustainably feasible.
  • The compromise with our continues improvement of our management system, in accordance with the requirements rule ISO 9001, IFS Logistics y GDP ( in accordance to guideline of the fifth of November of 2013 about correct practices of the good distribution of medicines for human use) process and services.
  • The compromise of fulfil with clients requirement and any other that applies to our activity.
  • The compromise for the environmental protection, including the environmental prevention of the contamination, and the sustainable use of resources.
  • The continue maintenance of our vehicles and equipment.
  • A fleet composed by vehicles totally new and equipped with the last technologies of cold and GPS locator.
  • The development of self-control systems, based on the principles of APPCC, to eliminate and/or reduce any contamination risk of the transported products.
  • The continue qualifying of all the staff performance of their activities. Specially, in the aspects related with the security and harmlessness of the food and medicines transported.


This policy must be understood and assumed by everyone, considering this Direction as the first to assume the guidelines described.

Every year coherent objectives with the above will be defined, which we should all try to meet.


Castellon, February, 12th 2019.